Orienteering by the sea? There are a lot of orienteering maps but only one Tajao.

Sun is usually shining in Tajao.
Dry river bottoms can be very enjoyable to run, while the slopes are usually not.
What even is this?

About the Map

Tajao is a small town on the southern coast of Tenerife. Surrounding it is one of the more special orienteering terrains on the island.

Tajao features bare rock ridges, dry river bottoms, a lot of cliffs but not a single tree. Runnability varies from mediocre to excellent - gravel, undergrowth and lightning fast bare rock areas are just some of the features of Tajao. All the different look-alike landforms can be easily mixed up so make sure you know where you're headed at all times!

Note! There are several small but unpredictable cliffs in the area (see picture). Avoid stepping on the edges of these cliffs.

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At Playa de Tajao

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