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Whether you're organizing an intensive orienteering camp or an individual looking to enjoy the stunning nature of Tenerife, our brand-new maps and trainings will get you going.

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The Concept

Tenerife is the perfect location for an all-round training camp.

Orienteering on a Volcano?

Are you ready to explore the stunning island of Tenerife like never before? Our new high-quality maps ensure an unforgettable orienteering experience with great technical and physical challenges. The terrains are a mix of typical pine forests and unique volcanic landforms where runnability varies from lightning-fast ash fields to rocky open lava flows. Check all of our maps and terrain descriptions here.

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World-Class Sprint Orienteering

The combination of labyrinthine old towns and technical urban areas makes Tenerife an ideal place for sprint orienteering. We offer brand new sprint maps all around the island of Tenerife, made by the most recognized mapmakers/course setters in Finland: Alvar Palmén and Tommi Hakuli.

  • High quality maps and courses
  • Great technical and physical challenge
  • Route choice analysis for all trainings
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Endless Possibilities

Thanks to its optimal climate, great infrastructure and unique topography, Tenerife has established itself as a top destination for trail runners, track & field athletes and cyclists. Long trail runs with breathtaking views and intense uphill intervals are essential pieces of every Tenerife O Camp.

  • Great conditions for trail running, track & field, cycling and hiking
  • Big altitude differences offering physical challenge
  • Possibility for high altitude training


TOC 2024 Edition

Tenerife O Camp 2024 edition comes with 10 forest trainings and 15 sprint trainings across the island of Tenerife. The 2024 edition will be available from 1.12.2023.

We offer premade forest and sprint packages: Forest trainings are split in 2 packages that include 6 and 4 trainings respectively, sprint trainings are split in 3 packages based on their location on the island. All trainings can also be purchased separately if you want to make your own package.

Detailed information about the trainings can be found from the trainings page. For terrain photos and descriptions, check the maps listing.

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Starting from
39 person

Forest Packages

  • 6 + 4 Trainings
  • High Quality Maps & Courses
  • Discount for Groups
  • Tapes at Controls

Get ready for an unforgettable orienteering experience. Forest package includes 6 trainings and extra forest package 4 trainings.

Old Editions

Looking for Some Vintage Trainings?

Trainings from our previous editions are still available for purchase, but there are no tapes at the controls.

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Book Flights

There are 2 airports in Tenerife: Tenerife North (TFN) and Tenerife South (TFS). Tenerife is easy to access with many airlines offering cheap direct flights all year around.


Book Accommodation

Being a popular tourist destination, Tenerife has plenty of accommodation options to choose from for all price ranges.


Purchase Maps

Choose one of our packages or make your own. Maps can be purchased from omaps.io.

How Does it Work?

You're Only 3 Steps Away.

Tenerife O Camp is a "Do It Yourself" training camp, available 365 days a year. You can go whenever you want, stay as long as you like and make your own training schedule.

The TOC training maps can be purchased from omaps.io. Choose the digital delivery option if you want to print the maps yourself or use the omaps.io Print & Delivery service to have the maps sent to your home address.

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+20C to +25C throughout the year - perfect for running.


Tenerife is never a ghost town - restaurants, supermarkets and attractions are open all year.


Over 50 beaches where water is always warm enough to take a swim.


Good air connections and public transport. Ditch the rental car and get a villa?

Why Tenerife?

Tenerife - The Island of Eternal Spring

Tenerife is the largest and most populated of the Canary Islands. Thanks to the 5 million tourists visting the island each year, you will never have trouble finding a place to shop or eat.

Tenerife has earned its nickname "The Island of Eternal Spring" because it averages +22C and 8 hours of sunshine per day throughout the year. With daytime temperatures never dropping below +20C, it's safe to say that Tenerife has the perfect climate for running activities at any time of year.

Tenerife is relatively small island and easy to get around. The TF-1 motorway encircling the island allows you to get from one side to another in just 1 hour. Tenerife also has decent public transport that can be used to reach many of our maps.

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Tommi Hakuli


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, contact us.

The TOC maps can be purchased from omaps.io. You can either select digital delivery (you will print the maps yourself) or omaps.io Print & Delivery service (the maps are printed and delivered to your home address). omaps.io Print & Delivery is available in selected countries only, more information is shown on the checkout page.

Yes, there is a discount for large orders (5+ persons). The discount is applied automatically when you make the order through omaps.io.

During winter we recommend staying in southern coast of Tenerife between Costa Adeje and Los Gigantes for the best weather and easy access to the highway. During summer the northern Tenerife, for example Puerto de la Cruz is a good option because it doesn't get too hot there. Check the locations map for some accommodation ideas!

For forest trainings there are tapes in the forest. For sprint trainings there are no tapes, but all courses have been checked to make sure there are no surprises. If you find a missing/wrong detail on our maps, contact us.

We can do custom offers for big groups who need more or special trainings. Contact us contact@tenerifeocamp.com!