Santuario Virgen

Fastest terrain in Tenerife? Maybe. Easiest? Definitely not.

The surface in Santuario Virgen is mostly very fast. And what about the views?
In Santuario Virgen, grass and rare spare rocks are the only things affecting runnability.

About the Map

Welcome to Santuario Virgen! Here the grass is green and rocks few and far between. With the area being very flat and runnability being as good as it is, you might be tempted to run faster than you perhaps should - the small, almost labyrinthine bushes will be your only way of navigating in this terrain. Key to success in this unique, open area is simple: run as fast as you can... and don't get lost, as it might be surprisingly hard to locate yourself if you do.

Map Samples


Option 1:
Hotel Caserio Los Partidos, from which there is 1.5km warm up to the map (20m climb). You could also go further and park along the road or (at the intersection to reduce warm up distance, but the road is not in perfect condition.

Option 2:
Valle de Arriba. 600m distance to the map (125m climb). See picture:

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