Playa del Castillo - Plaza San Felipe

From sandy beaches of Playa del Castillo to urban labyrinths of Plaza San Felipe, this map always has a new challenge around the corner.

Difficult routechoices are expected in the area of Playa del Castillo due to its many impassable walls.
The irregular apartment blocks in Plaza San Felipe are well-suited for technical sprint orienteering.

About the Map

This map connects two very different areas in Puerto de la Cruz: Playa del Castillo and Plaza San Felipe. Divided by a dry river, Barranco de San Felipe, both of these areas offer great grounds for sprint orienteering.

One of the more popular beaches of entire Tenerife is Playa del Castillo, thanks to its long and sandy shoreline and beautiful green areas. For orienteers, the amount of impassable walls in the area is a blessing or a curse - depending how you wanna look at it.

After crossing Barranco de San Felipe, you arrive at Plaza San Felipe which is definitely among the trickiest sprint areas in Tenerife with labyrinthine impassable walls and irregular apartment blocks.

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There are several small parking lots on the map, for example: Google Maps, Google Maps. Street parking anywhere on the map is also an option.

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