Pinar Chio

Prepare yourself for an unique orienteering experience in this magical terrain.

This magical forest awaits you at Pinar Chio.
Upper part of the Pinar Chio map is very open and fast.
As you descend to lower parts of the terrain, the rockiness gradually increases.
This incredible view to Mt. Teide is only a short jog away.

About the Map

The terrain of Pinar Chio is a mix of fast volcanic ash fields and very detailed rocky areas. Key to success in this terrain is to adapt your orienteering technique when visibility and runnability are reduced as you reach the lower parts of the terrain. On these detailed areas intense map reading is required but it can be challenging due to the uneven ground.

It is also important to manage your fatigue in this terrain. At this altitude you might feel less oxygen in the air and on top of that there is a fair amount of climb on the map.

Map Samples


Option 1: Recreational area of Pinar Chio (Google Maps)
Option 2: Small parking space can be found from the intersection nearby (Google Maps)

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