El Cardonal

This is the final boss of route evaluation. In this terrain there are no easy legs.

The narrow streets and complex building structures of El Cardonal ensure that every control is a challenge.

About the Map

This quiet residencial area lies only a few kilometres from the busy city center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With very limited pedestrian and car traffic, this map is well suited for a high intensity sprint training. However, as the residents of the area are used to having their windows open, Spanish music or the smell of local food could disturb your performance.

Due to the complexity of the buildings and narrowness of the passages, succeeding in this terrain requires very intense map reading, great route evaluation skills and full focus on orienteering. This map challenges runners from start to finish.

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There are usually plenty of parking space on the streets (Google Maps).

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    Teemu Lehtoranta

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