Chinyero Norte - San Jose

Mixing three types of terrain, there will never be a dull moment on this map.

Fast and empty areas can be found close to the lava flow of Arenas Negras.
Some steep (but fast) hills can be expected in Chinyero Norte. Take it easy!
The old farmland area is extremely fast (as long as you don't get stuck in the labyrinthine bushes)
San Jose has its fair share of areas where runnability is reduced by rocky and uneven ground.

About the Map

The quite big contiguous forest area of Chinyero Norte - San Jose is located between the town of San Jose de Los Llanos and the lava flow of Arenas Negras. Featuring three different types of terrain, you will always have to be ready for what's coming next.

Sure, there are quite a lot of areas where rocks or vegetation or even both will slow you down and make orienteering less enjoyable, especially in lower half of the terrain (San Jose). However what makes this map special is that the landscape can change from rocky and dense to open and fast pine forest in a blink of an eye; As you climb higher, the rocky areas become less frequent and you can find some of the best areas Tenerife has to offer for orienteering.

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Depending on the start location:
Option 1: Hotel Caserio Los Partidos
Option 2: Recreational area of San Jose (busy during weekends)

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    Alvar Palmén, Teemu Lehtoranta

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