Boca Cangrejo

Orienteering on a volcano? Boca Cangrejo is a great introduction to orienteering in Tenerife - this terrain has it all.

Extremely large rocks and different volcanic landforms can be found in this open area.
There are also forested areas and some rocky slopes where you must watch your step.
When the sky is clear, you can spot the island of La Gomera over the top of Boca Cangrejo.
Orienteering in this landscape is only a short flight away. What are you waiting for?

About the Map

It was year 1492 when Christoffer Columbus, on his way to discover America, saw something unusual while passing by the Canary Islands. Boca Cangrejo, a volcano in Tenerife, had just erupted. Nowadays, the area of Boca Cangrejo is an excellent orienteering terrain, mixing many of Tenerife's characteristics in one map.

Despite its small size, the map of Boca Cangrejo includes many different challenges for orienteers, some of them physical and some technical. There are empty slopes, very fast open areas and some rocky areas. The eruption also blessed orienteers with a tricky and technical area where encountering a 10-meter tall rock is nothing unordinary.

Map Samples


Several parking options. Finding a parking space is easiest during weekdays and in the morning!

Option 1 (800m to map):
Small parking lot at Mirador de los Poleos. There are also spots for roadside parking in the next 500m, however these can be tricky if your car has low clearance.

Option 2 (100m to map):
Space for a few cars at this intersection. Don't block the driveway!

Option 3 (1900m to map):
Recreational area of Pinar Chio. Longer warm-up distance but here you can always find a place to park.

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    Alvar Palmén, Teemu Lehtoranta

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