Barrio Nuevo

World's toughest sprint terrain awaits you. Can you make it to the top?

The map of Barrio Nuevo rises 250m above sea level. As tough as it might be, the view will be rewarding.

About the Map

Barrio Nuevo is a quiet residential area in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Being located at the edge of the city where mountains start, this neighbourhood rises 250m above sea level extremely steeply, making it one of the toughest sprint terrains in the world. The amount of stairs combined with narrow and irregular streets makes route evaluation difficult, even if you somehow weren't feeling tired after all the climbing.

After or before your training, make sure to visit the top of the map to enjoy unobstructed view over the capital city of Tenerife.

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Depending on the course start/finish location, you can park either at the top (Google Maps) or along TF-111 (Google Maps).

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    Alvar Palmén

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