Arenas Negras - La Montaneta

Undoubtedly the best terrain in Tenerife and the largest of our forest maps.

Visibility and runnability are mostly excellent in Arenas Negras.
Occasional rocky areas will disturb map reading, especially in the upper part of the terrain.
As you descend towards La Montaneta, the vegetation becomes more dense but runnability is improved.
As always, beautiful views are guaranteed wherever you go.

About the Map

On the eastern side of the lava flow of Arenas Negras, this sloping pine forest rises from 1050m to 1450m above sea level, covered with tons of different volcanic landforms.

Upper part of the terrain features great pine forest with excellent visibility and runnability, although occasional rocky areas can still slow you down. Rocky areas are more frequent in upper part of the terrain. As you reach the lower parts of this terrain (La Montaneta), the vegetation becomes more dense and visibility will be limited. On the contrary, there is no undergrowth and little to no rocks, so you are still able to keep the pace high. Keeping a high pace shouldn't be your main priority though, as navigating in this terrain requires full attention due to the amount of detail and absence of paths.

If you have to choose one map, the area of Arenas Negras and La Montaneta is definitely the "go-to place" for orienteering in Tenerife!

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Parking for all trainings is at the recreational area of Arenas Negras (Google Maps). The only way to reach it is from the north, road TF-373.

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